Company Profile

Company Profile
Twin Tower was established in 1990 and has been dedicated to the martial arts industry for more than twenty years. We offer the products:

-Martial arts uniforms (karate/ kyokushin/ taekwondo/ ITF/ judo/ kung fu/ ninja/ kendo/ jiujitsu/ belts)
-Protective gears (dipped foam/ PU/ leather/ elastic/ neoprene/ cloth)
-Weapons (wooden /foam/ metal/ plastic)
-Training equipment (kicking shield/ target/ punching bags/ dummy/ shoes/ jigsaw mats)
-Accessories (figures/ patches/ keychains/ flags/ posters/ head band/ necklaces etc.)

In the beginning, we made quality products for customers. Gradually we started manufacturing recognized brand WACOKU approved by worldwide martial arts organization such as WTF, WKF and EKF. With plenty of experience involved in martial arts, we strive to offer our customers a full-range of services, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and innovative products.

Since 2007, we started to apply for international recognitions for WACOKU brand. Till now, we have WTF and WKF recognition for taekwondo and karate products, and also CE certificate on protectors. In 2012, we are pleased to receive the recognition from EKF for the karate protectors. We aim to play the role of our customers’ warehouse, which can offer our customers the full range products of martial arts and prompt delivery, and help you expand your market.


Twin Tower Enterprise Corp. is a professional Wushu Weapons Manufacturer in Taiwan, producing high quality Martial Arts Uniforms, Sports Protectors, Martial Arts Weapons and Sports Training Equipment. We provide Martial Arts Accessories, Protective Gears, Punching Bags and Kicking Target. High quality product, competitive price and prompt delivery are our prime goal because we are customer-oriented company. If you are looking for good Training Equipment, Martial Arts Belts and Folding Mat, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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